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Curious about the situation?

Logging of the Rubicon valley area:

The areas outlined in red in the image below are all set to be logged throughout 2016.

VicForests’ Financials:

Check out how much VicForests owes the residents of Victoria.

Read the fact sheet

By informing people of the issue, we hope to spread the word. Given this, Samantha Dunn has prepared a native forest fact sheet to answer questions like “how much logging occurs?” and “how many jobs does native forestry create?”.

Check out the GFNP report

As part of the Parliamentary Internship Program, university student Hamish has prepared a report outlining the major benefits of the Great Forest National Park proposal.

Watch the video

To promote the campaign, we’ve prepared a small video highlighting parts of the issue with native logging. You might want to watch this or share it with others.

See Samantha’s work in Parliament

Every week, Samantha uses her time in state Parliament to try and get to the bottom of this native logging fiasco. It’s an interesting read!

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