Forest Day of Action

30 April

Join Samantha Dunn MP and Senator Janet Rice for a day of action – talking to Victorians about why we need to end native forest logging and create the Great Forest National Park.


This year alone, the Andrews Labor Government logged 100,000 cubic metres more forests than any other year when they know supply is fast running out.


It’s time to make sure the Premier knows Victorians want the #GFNPnow.


Day of Action: #GFNPnow

Samantha Dunn MP and Senator Janet Rice to find out more about the fight to save our forests and convince the Premier Victorians want the #GFNPnow.

Drawing on your new knowledge and experiences visiting Toolangi’s pristine forests, April 30 is the opportunity to raise your voice for change.

Along with Senator Janet Rice and Samantha Dunn MP, spend a few hours on a stall or at a door-knock in your local area to put the protection of our forests back on the agenda.

To express your interest in holding or spending time on a stall or local door-knock please fill out the form below.

The forestry industry has a lot of money and influence over Labor and the Andrews Government but together we can show them they must listen to Victorians and create the #GFNPnow.​

Event Details

Sun 30 April, between 8am and 6pm

Across Victoria (we’ll get in touch with your nearest event)

We can provide directions if needed once events are finalised

No cost

Fill out the form below, and make sure to indicate you’ll attend the Day of Action.