Victoria’s precious Central Highlands native forest is being logged at an alarming rate to produce Reflex paper. This has pushed the Leadbeater’s Possum to be declared critically endangered. With only 1,500 possums thought to now exist, they need our help!


WHY? – Native forest logging is unsustainable – hurting our environment, our economy and our communities.

HOW? – The entirety of Victoria’s native forest logging operations could be transitioned to commercial plantations without economic harm or loss of jobs.

WHEN? – Native forest logging could be fully transitioned to plantations within a few years.

Timber Plantations can replace native forestry


Native forest logging costs the Victorian taxpayers millions. If the state government didn’t drag its feet, we could gain $40-70 million from federal environment schemes for ending native logging.


Native forest logging threatens already critically endangered animals like the Leadbeater’s Possum. It also threatens our clean water, air and carbon stores.


Native forest logging competes against commercial plantations, which would create more jobs to support our regional communities.

The Greens and I, at a state and national level, are using our time in parliament and in the community to push for an end to the unsustainable, damaging native forestry.

We will see an end to this and we will save the Leadbeater’s Possum from extinction.

Samantha Dunn MP

What The Greens are fighting for

An inquiry into VicForests

We need to once and for all unravel the dodgy dealings of VicForests and the state government.

A transition to plantations

We need to support the real job creators in the timber industry – commercial plantation operators.

The Great Forest National Park

We need to say ‘yes’ to the Great Forest National Park – a proposal that would help our environment and create jobs in regional communities.

To the Ministers for environment and agriculture,

We strongly support the protection of our beautiful native forests for biodiversity protection, for tourism, for water catchment preservation, for carbon stores and for our future generations.

We call on the Victorian government to:

Recognise that VicForests has an unsustainable business model.

Support the transition from native forests jobs and products to commercial plantation jobs and products.

Create the Great Forest National Park for the protection of the Leadbeater’s Possum and other endangered species.